“Where your business cames to life”


Start a business isn’t enough. It’s essential make it grow!

MITOup! Supports the businessmen in the delicate phase of diversification and development of the business, guiding them to identify new business.

The support to development of the company project is a personalized service to make the company grow and develop. The purpose is giving a concrete support to make the exposition of the economical data of the company more efficient, completing the information and facilitating the decision-making processes.

The assistance and the advices in compiling the business plan let the businessman verify the feasibility of the possible way to develop new business, have assistance in the evaluation of interest and extraordinary operations to present the company and show its dynamic potentialities.

This service is useful to value the risks of a company or of its project, by the simulation of the economical and financial flows.

The roadmap for success: business and financial plan.

MITOup! Can give its experience in elaborating a new strategy and finding new capital for rising business. The offered assistance is useful to direct the investments of the new companies on the basis of the situations of the market, elaborating new feasibility studies of the project, identifying small and big excellences that define success, so it’s possible to elaborate a new strategy for development.

MITOup! Elaborates a suitable business model for the market and could offer a service in compiling the business plan with the appropriate investments in know-how, human resources and organizational model to concentrate the attention and the resources of the company on selected angles that make create more value.

MITOup! confers a visible value added to the businessman: we help the small and medium sized companies to create and maintain a coherence between his industrial strategy and his financial resources of capital and debt. Editing the business and financial plan follows our simple and efficient planning model.

The offered role is very actionable, not only, writing the business and financial plan but also an involvement in the following managerial aspects, like, for example, defining new commercial organization instead of the treasurer’s office and training of the human resources of the company.